Sunday, October 16, 2005

Over The Hill Gift

Over The Hill Gift Over The Hill Birthday Gift Pack. Over The Hill, But Still Hotter Than Ever! This is the perfect gift for birthdays age 40, age 50 and age 60 and above. This unique gift is sure to get a laugh from that special person in your life turning the corner! Once you taste these sauces, you'll want more!

VAN HALEN Bassist's BBQ Sauce

September 28, 2005
VAN HALEN Bassist's BBQ Sauce To Be Made Available This Month

According to a posting on VAN HALEN bassist Michael Anthony's web site, "the new Mad Anthony's BBQ Sauce — Original Style and Extra Hot — is done! Bottling is underway and both will be available in a healthy 16 oz bottle. Van Halen Hot Sauce

Back in September 2004, Anthony's tongue-sizzling brand of hot sauce, Mad Anthony's Hot Sauce, "burned up" the competition at the 2005 Chile Pepper Magazine Fiery Food Challenge when it took second place in the "Hot Sauce - General" category, which had the most entries in the entire challenge. In addition, the Mad Anthony's Mustard took first place in the "Condiment - Mustard" category.

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